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Your mum's favourite duo, Djaba Rank$ x Lambrini Papi, bringing you good music, vibes and giving a voice to fans of the culture!

Andy and Isaac are music enthusiasts with a deep knowledge and appreciation of the wider Black music culture landscape. It’s not often in the music industry that you get to hear the opinions of fans and, as such, they founded “2 Gs in a Pod”, a grassroots podcast based in London, to bridge that gap and give a voice to fans of Black music culture. The premise of the show is a music podcast, primarily focused on hip-hop, R&B and grime & UK rap, in which they provide light-hearted commentary on topical issues in the music industry and discuss popular culture in general.

Having launched in November 2017, the platform has since grown and seen the release of 50 episodes in three seasons, with accompanying visuals and Spotify playlists, as well as the publishing of “Wot Do U Call It?”, a magazine launched in October, which celebrates Black British music and its influences, and the hosting of a Black History Month panel discussion focused on Blackness in the music & creative industries, followed by live musical performances. The depth of discussion on the show now is a far cry from Episode 1 and the 2 Gs have discussed everything from hip-hop history to heavier topics including race, misogyny in hip-hop, and coping with grief. The platform has developed into a safe space for candid and open conversations tackling any and everything. Andy and Isaac are excited by the prospect of impacting the way their audience experiences music and further establishing 2 Gs in a Pod as a platform which elevates marginalised young voices and celebrates the rich cultural and social diversity which exists in London and beyond.

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